Friday, October 28, 2011

Sephora by OPI -- Glimmer Wonderland Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set : Review & Swatch

I always like to buy mini nail polishes and this seems to be a good set with various shades. I’ve not tried any color on my nails so far, but I love all of them and I can not wait to paint my nails with them.
I've already put up some posts of NOTD with these nail polishes, if you're interested, click the names.
The First Row.

I have dear diary in full size.It’s on the sheer side and needs at least 3 coats to get an even application. I am in love with ‘How Cute is That?’ already, like the name, it is really cute.
The Second Row

This row is actually my favorite, especially ‘I’m with Brad’. It is a sophisticated shade, a black base with super fine red shimmers. It is gorgeous.
The Third Row
Break a Leg-Warmer, Bring on the Snowflakes, Mermaid to Order, I Don’t Bite, Eve-y on the Eyes, Just a Little Dangerous
I wanted to try ‘Mermaid to Order’ when it first came out and finally I got it in mini size. I think it is a very unique shade, at least I’ve not seen any like that.
Lastly, just give you an idea how tiny the mini nail polish is.  


  1. Thanks for sharingggg!
    I love the close up swatches (instead of looking at the color list and then finding it on the list of all of the nailpolishes on the site/finding individual swatches for all of them +_+)
    Maaaan. I wantt. Ive been spending so much money on nail polish lately buutbutbut... uh oh bank account +_+!

    I like how you compared the bottles XD It makes the small bottle look tiiiny lolll. Ive seen it in real life anywayy.. If anyone is worried about the size (I saw someone on Sephora complaining @_@), I think it's more than enough to suffice.. Because the people that like nailpolish but don't use it all would probably never use more than that amount, and the people who DO use lots of nail polish have too many nail polishes to reuse THAT much. loll :D

  2. I also have an addiction for nail polishes, if you have not noticed. I really appreciate your comment and it makes my day.


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