Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Wish List (Skincare Version)

Here is my list for skincare. I really want to get hands on these products, but I might not end up buying all.
I heard so much about this brand, but never got the chance to try them. Perfect timing! Their packaging is just so neat and cute. 

This moisturizer is my all-time favorite and I have to stock it up.

It does keep my eye area hydrated, but it does not help minimize the look of dark circles by any means. I’m just so used to it that I am not eager to try anything else. 

5. Wild Rose Face and Eye Serum ($41)
I just ran out of my sample and I loved it so much. It just made my skin so smooth and hydrated.

7. Three Lavish Layers of Lip Balm ($16)
A great steal! They work amazingly as lip balms and you can basically use them for everything.


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