Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shop My Stash #7

I have not done this kind of post for a while only because I am on project pan and reluctant to switch up the products too often. By the way, I’m doing pretty well with my project pan and so far I’ve not purchased anything. 
The palette I’m using is the day palette from Lorac Bejeweled box which I ordered through Hautelook before the project pan.

Does the MAC blush from the wonder woman collection look weird to you? I accidentally dropped it and it shattered, so I went ahead and repressed it.


  1. nice items 

  2. It looks a bit different but that's all :)

  3. is that the tarte tipsy blush? i want that so bad! nice makeup xx
    my blog: boho vanity

  4. You do have a lot of makeup indeed :) I'll soon stock up on more Tarte and Bare Minerals products. Well done on pressing that blush back!

  5. I really want to try those Tarte Amazonian blushes. How do you like them?

  6.  I have 5 shades and love all of them.


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