Saturday, March 3, 2012

What’s in My UNII Palette?

I finally depot my Urban Decay book of shadow IV. I was choosing between UNII palette and Z palette and I thought the UNII palette was more durable. I like the fact that the Z palette has a clear cover, but I’d prefer a huge mirror.
The colors I have are lavender and crystal.
I have all the neutral shades in the lavender one and the rest in the other one. I should have placed the neutrals in the crystal to color match, but I love the lavender color so much that I’d rather use it every day.

The palette is already magnetized which means metal pans can stick to it without extra magnet sheet. It is very thoughtful of the company to include a magnet sheet in case that some pans are made of aluminum.
For size reference, I place it together with the NARS Laguna bronzor and the naked palette.

A quick tip! I cut the name from the original palette and tape it to the corresponding eye shadow, so I know exactly what shade I am using if I want to. 

Is the UNII palette worth the money?
In my opinion, it is. I spend quite some money on palettes and I really wish to get more uses out of them, but bulky packaging stops me from doing so. Now with the UNII palette I can depot whatever shade I like and use it daily. Besides, I can see myself traveling with the UNII palettes. They are sturdy with hard plastic. On the top of that, they are cute!


  1. Never heard about the UNII palette.... I don't even own a palette lol. But the colors in there are def great.

  2. How did  you like the BOS IV? I was not excited with the colors at all. The packaging was also so gimmicky so I passed on getting it. I did get the 15th Anniversary palette and like it very much. I have the same problem as you in that I want to use them more but having all those bulky palettes is annoying. Was it hard to depot?

  3.  I like the color combination better than the naked palette. Don't care for the packaging either.
    It was actually quite easy to depot. I searched on Youtube and just followed the instructions.

  4. Great idea! I need to invest in a palette bc a lot of my eyeshadows don't get enough love.

  5.  That's totally my dilemma. I love buying pretty palettes but most of time they are too bulky to use. So then I need invest more on things like UNII palettes to depot eye shadows.

  6. Just curious how you actually deputed these shadows.  I am too chicken to try!

  7. This is the video I followed to depot. It's pretty straightforward.
    If you find the glue is too strong, drip a few drops of alcohol in between of the pan and the packaging which can help to loose it up. 

  8. will the entire too faced eyeshadow palette fit in the unii palette if depotted? (let's say the natural eye) because i love too faced the packaging is just too bulky!

  9.  Definitely. I just compared my UNII palette and the matte palette by Too Faced and all eye shadows would fit.


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