Sunday, August 14, 2011

All about Samples

Before I start, my skin is dry and kind of sensitive.
I'm always more than happy to try out samples. I think it is risky to try products in full sizes without knowing it will work or not.

Be fine – exfoliating cleanser 

I won’t purchase the full size. It did not wow me. It is just OK. I think microdelivery exfoliating wash by philosophy is much better and cheaper than this.
pros: it smells nice. Easy to rinse off. Do get rid of dead skin.
Cons: the particles are actually pretty big to my taste. I do feel it is a little bit harsh for my skin.

Blinc-- mascara

 I won’t purchase the full size. I really hate this mascara. It did nothing except darkening lashes. It did give length if you were patient enough to paint your lashes for 5 times at least. It gets even worse that the only thing could take it off is warm water. I just want to wipe all my makeup with towelettes, not any extra steps.


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