Friday, August 26, 2011

Project 10 Pan Update (Completed)

Finally, I'm done with project pan. Yayy.. It took me 3 weeks which seems forever. I did buy two things which is not so bad I guess. Anyway, here they are.

6.      mac -- lipgloss in frankly fresh  
I might repurchase it. (if I could ever find it.)
It came out with the Liberty London collection. The main reason I wanted to use it up is its getting old. I really love the color a lot. It is definitely my lips but better kind of color. And it smells nice, like vanilla. I don’t really mind the stickiness at all.
7.      makeup forever -- eyeliner aqua in OL  
I will repurchase it.
It is the best pencil eyeliner ever, especially for tight lining. It is also the only eyeliner does not smudge on me. I have super oily eyelid. Everything creases on me including bobbi brown gel eyeliner which is well known for smudge-proof. Thought it is not as creamy as I want it to be, I’m gonna keep repurchasing for its staying power.
8.      tree hut -- shea body
I might not repurchase it.
I bought four in a set. It is moisturizing and smells nice, a little bit sticky for summer. I am just ready to try out other products.
9.      MAC -- fix +
I won’t repurchase it.
I used it as a toner and setting spray. It’s not an ideal toner for me because it left a sticky feel. I didn’t like it as a setting spray either, since I did not see any difference of makeup staying. I did like the smell though.
10.   sonia kashuk -- eye makeup remover 
I won’t repurchase it.
It does take off water proof makeup, but it’s not as efficient as other cheaper alternatives, such as neutrogena’s. I don’t see myself paying more money for less result.


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