Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shop My Stash: Take #1

I was reorganizing all my makeup the other day, and then I realized there was too much makeup sitting at the back of my drawers unused. Project Pan is definitely a good way to get more uses out of them, but I still want to purchase products from here and there. So I think doing shop-my-stash post may help. The basic idea is going through the makeup collection, and picking out a bunch of products which are going to be used only in the following week or so.

I used NARS’s lip gloss in Turkish Delight every day when I first got it, then never touched it for about a year. It is quite expensive which I don’t want go wasted. Same thing happened for the Maybelline’s lipstick in Pink Please.
I mainly bought the naked palette because of the hype, and I am not a huge fan. Most of the shades are just too warm for me to wear, but I will try to make it work. I don't think I will pick up the naked 2 until I see it in person. 
I will keep doing this series every other week and cross my fingers.
Do you have any other good ideas to use up makeup items? If so, definitely let me know.


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