Thursday, January 12, 2012

Haul: Candles by Victoria

I placed my order on Jan 1st, and received yesterday. So far it’s my most satisfying order. As much as I love candles by Bath and Body Works, I still prefer her candles much more. The scents are so much stronger and last longer. The most amazing thing about her candles is the texture. If you rub the top of the candles, you can feel that they are literally melting.

I ordered two Mustard style jars and they are the most adorable candles ever.
This Maple Butter Pumpkin Frap has pumpkins on top with double wicks. I had so much fun watching those pumpkins melting away. Besides, it smells really good.  

The other one is called S’More Galore. Smells amazing!

Then I got a No Frills Sampler Pack.
Sugared Corn Pudding, Marshmallow Campfire, Dulce De Leche
Three Wise Men, Leaves Type, Christmas Eve
I’ve only burned Leaves Type and Three Wise Men. It is said that Leaves Type is a dupe for BBW’s Leaves Candle which I disagree. I smelt Leaves in BBW store and did feel for it, but I love Leaves Type. I smelt quite a lot cinnamon from Leaves, while apple peel is very strong in Leaves Type.
Allthatglitter21 mentioned Three Wise Men as a scent of Lush store. To me, it’s more like a lighter warmer version of Jacob Black by victoria which I love.


  1. They look so yummy! I bet they smelled divine too! I also love bakery scents and candles in bakery scents are the best.

  2.  They smell amazing. I like burning bakery scent candles which make the whole room smell delicious.

  3. I have BBW's wall fragrances in the scents of Peppermint Barks and Twisted Peppermint. My whole room smell like peppermint and chocolate. LOL I even put in some cinnamon buns fragrance oil warmers in the bathroom. My siblings are getting pretty annoyed of my bakery scents, but I can't help it! They smell so good and the whole room smell like the real stuffs.


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