Saturday, January 14, 2012

January Birchbox

Expecting each month’s birchbox has become my routine. I wasn’t impressed by the last several boxes at all, but this one is absolutely exciting.
Here is the list of things in my box.
I’ve heard so much good things about stila’s eye liners, and finally it appears in my birchbox. The shade I get is Purple Tang, a black base with purple shimmer.

What’s in your birchbox?


  1. That purple shade is so pretty! I got a blue eyeliner in my Birchbox this month.

  2. It feels really good to get a full size product finally.

  3. Hey you got another color in your Stila eye liner - I got peacok, which is much too blue for me :(

  4. I am really grateful to get a purple because it is my favorite color. You got the origins cleanser which is pretty good.


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