Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All about Samples: 3-Step System

It is actually hard to judge a skincare product for one time use, but it is more than enough to tell if it happens to be a bad one.
Clinique 3-Step

The cleanser was very nice, foamed and rinsed well. It did a decent job as far as cleansers go. My skin did not feel tight, at least not enough that I could notice. However, the toner was horrible. No matter how good exfoliating it is, I could not care less for the alcohol smell. Surprisingly, I did not feel any irritations, still don’t care for it. As to the moisturizer, it is good. It is not a magic work by any means, but it just works for what it claims to do. This is always my go to moisturizer whenever my skin gets irritated, because it is fragrance free and moisturizing. However, if you have super dry skin, it might not be enough.
Shiseido Pureness Line

This line is designed for oily and blemish-prone skin. Since I have normal/dry skin, I can not really say much about it. The cleanser was OK, but it left this weird faked clean feel afterwards. There is nothing spectacular about the toner.
Shiseido Elixir Line
I liked this line a lot based on this sample set. The cleanser was very nice and did a good job to clean without over drying. The toner and the emulsion were the best. My skin felt so pumped after using them and they were also quite moisturizing. I think I might purchase at least the emulsion later.


  1. I bought the full sizes right away from the Clinique 3 step, in #1. The cleanser is good, the toner still too harsh for my skin, and the moisturizer isn't hydrating enough for my dry skin... I regret that purchase.

    Great blog btw, I'm following you now. And thanks for posting my giveaway on your sidebar!

  2. Thanks so much. It really meant a lot to me.


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