Thursday, February 23, 2012

Too Faced – Leopard Love Palette

I wanted to try the pink leopard bronzing powder so bad that I swatch it in store over and over again.
Look at the packaging. How cute!

They are smooth and the pigmentation is pretty nice.
Peach, Candy, Pink
My least favorite is pink leopard because it’s too bronzed to be a highlight and too shimmery to be a bronzer. I love glowing looks but it is very unnatural on my cheekbones. If you like the sun kissed effect, this might work for you.
The peach leopard smells very nice, like a lighter version of Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced. I thought it would be too shimmery to contour, but it actually does a good job. It is pretty light, so I don’t think it will show up on darker skin tones. On me, it looks very natural and blends well.
The blush is my favorite in the palette. It does have shimmer in it, but I would describe it as glowing or natural instead of shimmery.  


  1. these look nice, i need to try them out 

  2. I have pink leopard and I love it :)

  3. i've wanted this palette forever, the colors are so pretty xx
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  4. ooh the peach one looks very pretty and interesting! :)

  5.  Good for you! I'm trying to put it over matte blushes to add more glow. It works so far.

  6. I think the blush is my favourite too, would be better if these were singles :)

  7.  The other two have single versions, but not the blush. What a pity!

  8. Thank you Sunnie for taking photos of the palette! I love the pink color in the middle. That is the kind of pink blush that will actually makes my cheeks glow. 

  9.  You are very welcome. I like the blush too, very pretty.


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