Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tarte - Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy: Review & Swatch

I was drawn by the bright orange coral shade when I first saw it in store a year ago, but I always talked myself out of it thinking it’s too bright to wear. As I’m getting more and more obsessed with Amazonian clay blushes by Tarte, I finally decided to purchase it.
As always, the case is actually colored like the blush itself which is really convenient.
The packing is always sleek and pretty.
It is very pigmented and long lasting. On my cheeks, it actually reminds me quite a lot of another shade, blissful, but a much brighter version. And unlike blissful, it is not complete matte. I do like the glowing effect without being shimmery and I don't find it emphasizing pores by any means. 


  1. great review and swatch!
    these are actually on my wishlist. i only have the discontinued version of tarte powder blush but it is one of my favorite. very high quality.
    this color looks gorgeous.

  2. lovely shade of blush 

  3. I like Tarte's blushes too. I own Dollface - just because it was a special at Ulta, bronzer+dollface blush for $15 (smaller size than normal). I really like dollface, but I thing my favorite is Blissfull.

  4.  I have the set as well. I've acquired 5 shades already and I love them all. My favorite has to be adored only because cool toned blush looks more natural on me.

  5. I got this blush too, but it was too bright for me didn't look natural on me. But glad you liked it!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I' ve been wanting to try these blushes but I swatch & swatch and can't decide on which colour to get..

  7.  LOL.
    It get me so addicted. Once you get one, you will desire the rest like no other.

  8. I've been wanting to try these blushes because they look so gorgeous. I just have so many blushes already that I feel guilty!


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