Sunday, February 26, 2012

Monthly Empties (February 2012)

It is that time of the month again! I’m not sure about you, but I feel February goes by so slowly. School begins in this month, so it seems forever to me.
I’m a little big getting sick of wipes, but I still have 6 packs which drives me crazy. Don’t get me wrong. I like them, but after using them day after day I’m so done.
I like the FAB ultra repair cream. It is a decent moisturizer and very affordable.
The eye makeup remover by Victoria's Secret is quite effective to take off water-proof mascaras, but the smell is so bad and strong. Even though it doesn’t burn my eyes, I still can not stand the smell.
Since I seldom spot clean my brushes, I’d mainly used the MAC brush cleanser for deep cleaning which it was not really good for. It does get brushes clean, but it takes way too much product. As to spot cleaning, the dispenser is not the best and I’d appreciate the product more if it has a spray. I guess I liked it, but not enough to repurchase it.

My favorite and last candle, Marshmallow Fireside by BBW, burned out and there is no way to get another one till this fall. How sad!
Surprisingly, I managed to finish several makeup items. I’ve used the Great Lash as a brow gel and I don’t like it. The product itself is OK, but there is too much gel on the applicator all the time.
One of my favorite eyeliners is gone. As I mentioned in my former review, I adore them.
I love the scrub by St. Ives and already have a full size tube. The microbeads are densely packed and therefore it is quite exfoliating without being too harsh.
When I first got the Soap & Glory Hand food, I was not so impressed, but after it was gone I really missed it. I guess it actually works without me noticing. Does that even make sense? Anyway, I will definitely repurchase it.
I’m trying to finish all my Clinique products and be done with the whole brand, so I’m so glad the redness solution is gone.
I really like the Murad Active Radiance Serum, but I’m not sure I will repurchase it. First, the packaging is air tight, so the active ingredients can stay in their prime longer which I really appreciate. Furthermore, it does make my skin soft, moisturized and even help fade acne scars faster, but it doesn’t seem to diminish any sun spots. I’ll keep trying other products and if nothing works at last, I will get back to this serum.
Products I will repurchase!!!
First Aid Beauty – Ultra Repair Cream
BBW – Candle in Marshmallow Fireside
Tarte – SmolderEYES Eyeliner
Soap&Glory – Hand Food


  1. Question, where do you use your candles? I know it's a weird question but I buy candles and usually just light them up in the bathroom or bedroom.

  2.  Everywhere, kitchen, bedroom, study room but not so often in bathroom though. I like cooking, so I usually light up a candle after I'm done to get rid the odor. I basically burn candles all the time as long as I feel like to. Sometimes, I even burn two at the same time. 

  3. You did an awesome job at using up all those products. I'm not so good!

  4.  It is not that difficult for me to finish skincare products, because I stick with my routine religiously. 

  5. wow great products here that you finished, i get excited when i finish a product 

  6.  Me too. Feel so good.

  7. Whoot whoot! Way to go! I always feel a bit sad when I use up a product, especially make up related! :)
    <3 Amber

  8. So so you like the MAC daily cleanser?  I wasn't sure..I'm looking for a new one, I use baby shampoo for my deep cleaning!

  9. I'm too lazy to use daily cleansers, but if you like spot cleaning, it is pretty nice. It will be more worthwhile if it comes with a spray. 

  10. Wow that is a lot of empties! I've got like...3, 4 products? haha. I'll do that post later this week.

    So what did you think about the Tarte mascara abd the Boscia and Korres product? You didn't mention these :(.

  11.  I am not so sure about it and that is why I did not mention anything. When I first opened it, is worded amazingly, volumizing, separating and lengthening. But after about one month, it got too dry to put on.
    I don't want to give negative reviews on Tarte products because I love the brand. I think I might just have a bad one because others don't have this problem.

  12. awesome empties, it always takes me so long to go through product! xx
     My Blog: Boho Vanity

  13. Oh okay, cool. I usually sue them more in the bedroom but now my toddler and infant want to touch everything so I can only use them in the bathroom lol 


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