Sunday, November 27, 2011

Monthly Empties (November 2011)

I can not wait for December when school is over. I was traveling last week, so there was no post up. I still feel exhausted, but I really want to post this month’s empties.  
Things I finished during my trip.
product name   (from left to right)                      points out of 5      repurchase?
Neutrogena – Make-Up Remover towelettes                 4                             Y
Befine – Night Cream                                                   3                             N
Aquafina – Lip Balm                                                    4                             Y

BBW – Smores                                                                 5                             Y
BBW – Marshmallow Fireside                                            5                             Y
I loved these two candles so much. I will definitely stock on them after my project pan if they are still available.

BBW – Hand Soap in Kitchen Lemon                               5                                Y
Neutrogena – Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover                    3                                N
Candles by Victoria – Why I Autumn                               5                                Y
I was a little disappointed in the makeup remover, because it did not take off water-proof mascaras effectively as it claims to.

I like Someday by Justin, but I do have some other perfumes which are similar to it.

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  1. I would kill for those candles! So bad they don't sell them here.


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