Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cleaning Out

It’s cleaning out time!!! I always go through my collection every two months or so and toss out old or loathed products.
I hate the blink mascara so much that I have only used it once or twice. Fortunately, it is only a sample.
One Coat Dial Up by Almay is average, nothing special in my experience. It is volumizing and lengthening, but it gives spider lashes, which is intolerable for me.

I really don’t get all the hypes about eso’s lip balms. It smells good and the packaging is cute, but I don’t find it moisturizing by no means. Besides, it gives me blisters around my lip every time I use it.
I’ve had high beam for quite a long time and it’s getting goopy, so I’ve decided to get rid of it.
The smell of the perfume is awful, like soapy water in a very bad way. Hate it so much.
I got this tarte’s eyelash curler in a set I believe. The shape of the curler does not fit my eye at all, and it pinches my eyelid all the time.  


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