Sunday, November 6, 2011

NARS - Danmari All About Cheeks Palette: Swatch & Review

NARS has released this amazing cheek palette which I believe is exclusive at Sephora. It has standard NARS’s rubbery black casing and it gets dirty very fast.
I own Laguna and Deep Throat myself and I love NARS’ cheek products. This palette is just perfect for me because I’m addicted to blushes and I don’t have any shades included in this palette. It does come with a good variety of colors.
TOP: Hungry Heart, Orgasm, Desire
  Bottom: Casino, Super Orgasm, Sin

I’m not so impressed by Hungry Heart due to its color pay-off. After I blended in, I could only see gold shimmers and it did not have any ‘brightening/highlighting’ effect in my opinion.
As to Casino, it looks darker than Laguna in pan, but not so much on face and it just has more orange undertone while Laguna has more golden undertone.
There are some complains about including both Orgasm and Super Orgasm, but I don’t think they are repetitive. Orgasm turns out to be a lot peachier due to gold shimmers. On the other hand, Super is more pink with glitter and a little bit sheer.
Overall, it is definitely a good purchase. $65 for six NARS cheek products is literally a steal.   


  1. I wish this had come out before I became obsessed with NARS and purchased 15 of their blushes. I guess you can say I am obsessed. lol This palette looked really good and I wish it hadn't been limited edition. It would make a great gift.

  2. I wish I could have that many.
    Too bad it's limited.


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