Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stila Ultimate Color Palette: All the Swatches

I got a request to do all the swatches of stila’s ultimate color palette which I meant to do when I first bought it, but I was not sure about the best way to numerate all the shades. Better late than ever! So I divided the whole palette into several sections hoping it would work out.

4 Cheek Colors
Lip Colors


Overall, the shimmery eye shadows are very nice. They might not be the creamiest shadows, but they are all quite pigmented and blendable. However, the matte shades tend to be a little bit powdery and not as pigmented.

Is it worth purchasing?
If you like experimenting with various shades, it will be a good investment. Even if you’re like me, sticking to neutrals every day, this palette will also work. For the price($20), you can not beat it. 


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