Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monthly Empties (December 2011)

I can not believe that 2011 is coming to an end. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.
I finished a lot but my project pan was still going strong. It is really easy for me to go through skincare and body products.
The Body Shop – Aloe Calming Toner                                 4/5                       Yes
Boots N7 – Conditioning Clay Mask                                    4/5                        Yes
BBW – Body Lotion in Apricot (3 fl oz)                              4/5                        Yes 
BBW – Body Lotion Peach Citrus (2 fl oz)                          4/5                  Yes      
Sally Hansen – Polish Remover (Moisturizing)                     3/5                         Yes
Up & Up – Nail Polish Remover                                         2/5                          No
Organix – Moroccan Argan Oil                                           2/5                          No
The target brand one was rather effective for glitter nail polishes, but it dried out my cuticles so much that I could not stand.   

Philosophy – Purity Made Simple                                        5/5                       Yes
Hipitch – Deep Cleansing Oil                                               5/5                       Yes
Ole Heriksen – Sheer Transformation                                   3/5                       No
Boots N7 – Moisturizing Eye Cream                                    2/5                       No

Pantene – Shampoo (Fine Hair)                                             2/5                       No
Kirkland – Towelettes                                                           2/5                       No
Pond’s – Evening Soothe Towelette                                      3/5                      Yes

CBV – Rock that Vanilla                                                        2/5                       No
CBV Daisy                                                                         2/5                       No
I’ve been burning all my candles like mad because I have quite a lot and some of them are getting really old.


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