Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Current Skincare Favorites

My skin has improved quite a lot recently, so I think it is the perfect time to list my current skincare products. First of all, getting rid of my beauty dairy masks was the wisest I’d ever done. It might work amazingly for others, but not for me. Before we start, I have dry/normal skin.
1. mac – cleanse off oil

It is harmful to sleep with makeup, so taking off makeup is extremely important. It dissolves water-proof makeups like a dream and it does not leave any oil residue at all. Besides, it is mineral oil free which means it is less likely to break out from it. 

2. TBS – aloe calming toner

This is my all-time favorite. Toners are actually important in my opinion, because they help your skin absorb other products better. I have dry skin, so I’d prefer alcohol- free toners. It is really mild and moisturizing.

3. korres – wild rose serum

My skin feels so soft, smooth and hydrated with it. And it smells really good. There is really nothing bad to say about it.


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