Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cleaning Out

I usually go through my collection and clean out products once several months.  It is really important to do so because expired products may contribute to breakouts and allergy reactions.
1. Maybelline -- cover stick in green

I bought it mainly for concealing blemishes. Unfortunately, it is a fail. First of all, it is drying and difficult to blend. On top of that, it leaves a weird green tint which is definitely not pretty. I never grab towards it, so there is really no point to keep it.

2. Lip products

Both of they are getting really old. I’ve had them for almost two years I think. I liked the NYX mega shine lip gloss (in sweet heart) a lot which was a pretty neutral pink color with tons of shimmer.

3. Disliked stuff
elf -- all over color stick in spotlight and lilac petal
They smell funky. The spotlight is actually a pretty good highlighter if you really blend it in, but I just don’t like to spend extra time on it. And the pink one is way too shimmery to be a blush to my taste.
lancome -- quad
I don’t reach for the it that much and the colors are quite dupable.

4. my beauty dairy -- masks
I think I’m allergic to them, so they have to go.


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